Personal Leave Attendance Salary Management Application (PLASMA)

PLASMA or Personnel Leave and Salary Management Application, is an application designed by National Informatics Centre, Meghalaya State Centre with the prime objective to create an employee database of all the government employees of the state of Meghalaya as well as to have a standard application software for the preparation of the monthly salaries of the various departments.

The application is also compliant with the recommendations of the Thirteenth Finance Commission for the preparation of the Employee Database. The employees’ parameters defined in the template for data collection from the employees are identical to the parameters available in PLASMA.


Components of PLASMA:
The s/w application consists mainly of three modules namely:
  • Employee Database,
  • Payroll/Salary Processing,
  • Leave Management Application.

Employee Database Module


The Employee Database module consist of different sub-modules viz. Employees Bio-data, details of Transfers and Postings, Deputations, Increments, Suspensions, Study Leave, Awards, Punishments, Training, Foreign Service, previous qualifying service, family details, etc. This module is fully completed and implemented.


Payroll/Salary Processing

The pay module of PLASMA is designed to be compliant with Treasury Net, the application running at all the Treasuries in Meghalaya. This is done to ensure ease in the transfer of pay related information from the Department concerned to the Treasuries. The transactional part of this module is completed; it is now under testing/implementation.


Leave Management Application

The Leave Management module can generate the leave statement of an employee. This will reduce the burden on the dealing assistants who are responsible for the calculation and preparation of leave statements of employees. The design and development of this module is in progress and is under testing and implementation.


MIS Reports

Various statistical reports are also available in the application such as generation of employee bio data, employees’ history, list of employees in a given office, list of employees against a given designation, sanctioned posts, training information, no of vacant posts, GPF subscriptions, superannuation list etc. Furthermore, any reports that may be required by the department can be developed. Another important feature of PLASMA is the generation of the gradation list which can be made readily available from the database.

PLASMA is currently being implemented at:
I. Directorate of Agriculture, Shillong.
II. Meghalaya Civil Secretariat (For Grade – III employees) .
III. Personnel Department (for MCS Officers )
IV. Meghalaya Police (Undergoing Customization)