Internet Services

The Internet services of NIC are provided through NICNET, NIC' s satellite based computer communication network. The range of Internet Services being provided by NIC includes:

  • Electronic mail :Mails are accepted and sent in NICNET from a single entry point i.e. via the SMTP gateways. Over 8 lakh mails are transacted in a day. Once a mail is accepted in the network, based on its address, it is routed to the recipient server. Messaging services constitute one of the primary applications deployed across the network. They represent the front end of the Network. Hence, Messaging services in NICNET need to integrate the application solution, the underlying network, proactive management and maintenance in a single source solution. The Messaging solution of NICNET is scalable, easily customizable, provisioned for increasing needs while assuring optimum performance, security and reliability. Recently, NIC has rationalized the myriad of e-mail addresses offered by NICNET. The growth of the network services had been going on at an explosive rate and a time had come for streamlining of the e-mail services by adopting a single virtual e-mail server for the whole nation and achieving address resolution in such an environment. Hence, it was decided to give the entire email addressing space in NICNET as "[at]nic[dot]in". Each network connected to the Internet has a Domain name associated with it, to ensure email and other traffic getting directed to the right recipient. In the case of NICNET, this domain is called "". All email to the home user is directed to "home.user[at]nic[dot]in" which will result in the mail being stored on the NIC mail server, ready to be collected by the home user email client.
  • Internet Browsing