e-Court Project

District and Session Judge Shillong

NIC Meghalaya is providing extensive ICT support and services to the District Court Shillong in the implementation of the e-Courts project. A full fledged computer centre has been set up in the premises of the District Court and all court rooms have been provided with computers to record the courtroom proceedings. LAN has been installed and commissioned in all court rooms and judges’ chambers.

The departmental website for the office of the District and Sessions Judge has been launched and the Case Status, Judgements and Cause list of the cases in various court rooms are being published on the public domain regularly for the benefit of the citizen and general public. SMS services has been implemented to Lawyers and Litigants daily.


URL: http://districtjudgeshillong.gov.in


High Court of Meghalaya

NIC is providing ICT support and services to the High Court of Meghalaya. A full fledge computer cell have been set up in the newly constructed High Court building. About 40 PCs have been installed at various rooms and LAN has been commissioned. The Case Information System has been implemented and most of the cases have been entered in the system. Till date more than 35% of the court cases which are registered in the High Court have been recorded. Website of the Court has been designed and hosted. Daily Cause list are published in this website for the benefit of the Citizen.


URL: http://meghalayahighcourt.nic.in