e-Hospital Management Information System

e-Hospital@NIC , a Hospital Management System is the state-of-the-art information and communication technology based  solution  to manage the ever-expanding volume of patients, health information, and for harnessing the latest in information technology for the benefit of patients, doctors, nurses, para-medical personnel and other professional, administrators of healthcare in the Hospitals. It is a patient centric & a generic application software, specifically meant for the hospitals in Government Sectors with its main objectives being to provide a mechanism  to access the patient records and to have an efficient system to manage the Patient Information (viz.. in-patient, out-patient Patient admission and disposition, Patient record management, Patient status management, Patient Accounting reports).


HMS has the following features:
  • User-designated security level
  • Single sign on and advanced security features
  • Ability to develop and use standard operating procedures
  • Facility management reports
  • Ward management
  • Investigations
  • Laboratory services
  • Blood Bank
  • Operation Theatres
  • ICUs
  • Financial Management
  • Medical Records Management, Nursing Management

Hospital Management System in its customised format has been implemented and is successfully running at the Ganesh Das Hospital, Shillong. Likewise the project implementation has been extended to the district hospitals and is being implemented at the District sites of Civil Nongpoh, Civil Nongstoin, Civil Tura, Civil Williamnagar & Civil Shillong. The sites to also be covered under this project are Civil Jowai, Civil Baghmara, Tura MCH, Mairang MCH.  Comprehensive Reporting on all daily activities with Administrative Monitoring is made possible along with High security: these being the main features of this application software.