Projects implemented by NIC West Khasi Hills District Unit

  • ITES in District Administration:
    IT Enabled Services in the district administration is an initiative taken by the Deputy Commissioner to bring about an advancement in the process of governance thereby initiating the mission of National e-Governance Plan to its goal. NIC is the center stage of the whole process and its role is fundamental in bringing ICT services to all the branch departments of the District Administration. From data management to MIS services, emails to Video Conferencing, capacity building to human resource management are all established at the District Unit.

  • Citizen Centric Services:
    An entity that is based on public domain to allow citizens to be part of e-governance is an innovative way of rendering public service and the District Administration and NIC has left no stone unturned in bringing citizen centric service to a level where citizens get their certificate applications submitted at the comfort of their homes. Certisoft, a state of the art web application running 24x7 on the NIC server caters to all the certificate application services which is handled by the confidential branch of the district administration and closely monitored by NIC.

  • Networking:
    The office of the Deputy Commissioner is well connected with a 34 Mbps OFC offering uninterrupted internet connectivity to all branched departments with the distribution of ports from NIC district unit. Besides DC’s office the office of the Superintendent of Taxes and the District Medical and Health officer are connected with 2Mbps leased line distributed from NIC’s control unit. Wimax connectivity has been surveyed completely for extending NICNET to all departments within the district HQ.

  • DRDA:
    The District Rural Development Agency is part and parcel of the functionalities of the district using the process of decentralization and with the advent of MGNREGA, IAY, SGSY, SECC etc the need for ICT implementation and monitoring is inevitable. Here too NIC district unit plays its part as IT solution provider and service consultant for all the programs implemented by the agency and its associates. Management of data, reporting system, MIS etc are some of the significant processes rendered by NIC.

  • Transport:
    Computerization of Transport department involves the implementation of Vahan2.0 and Sarathi application which were rolled out on late 2009 and early 2010 respectively. Since their commissioning NIC has taken vital steps in integrating much required services in vehicle registration, fitness ,conversion, transfer, issue of learner license, driver’s license, renewal of LL, renewal of DL etc. Migration of data, switching of technology and interconnectivity has been achieved in the span of 3 years.

  • EBS:
    Energy Billing Solutions is dedicated to the power based corporate MeECL and its billing operations in the Urban and rural areas of its circle and sub division. EBS4.0 is built on the .NET4.0 technology using ASP.NET and AJAX for client scripting. VB.NET provides the backend code and data management is processed using Oracle Database management System. Quarterly billing is under process for West Khasi Hills Revenue Sub division and East Khasi Hills Revenue Sub Division. Spot billing operations for Rural Jowai is under unit testing nonetheless billing operations are fully functional for Jowai and East Garo Hills Revenue sub division.

  • Basin Development:
    The Enterprise Facilitation Center for the Meghalaya Basin Development Authority is currently being implemented and NIC is closely monitoring its progress.

  • PDS Computerization:
    The online Ration Card Management System for registration of Wholesalers, Fair Price Shops and SK Oils has been successfully implemented since its commissioning and NIC is closely monitoring the project for the respective Supply departments of the district and Civil sub division.

  • ERMS:
    In coordination with the election branch NIC has implemented the ERMS application to realize form 6, 7, 8 and 8A and a prospect of shifting the ERMS to the Blade server at NIC is under process to realize the online module of the application.

  • District Websites:
    A CMS based website for the district is under construction and contents are revised for the sake of authenticity