Web Services

NIC is extending comprehensive World Wide Web services to Central and State Governments in the areas of consultancy, web design and development, web hosting, value added web services for promotion of websites, enhancement of websites & training. Hosting infrastructure is being provided to a large number of e-governance projects.


NIC's wide range of hosting services starts right from Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers to Co-located Servers and Managed Hosting. Hosting solutions are available on a variety of platforms such as Linux, Windows and Solaris etc. NIC also supports state-of-the-art web technologies and a variety of databases on the servers. The hosting infrastructure includes a large number of powerful performances tuned and secure servers. Load balancing and clustering solutions are used to effectively manage the heavy traffic on the websites during peak-hours and to ensure a high degree of availability.


For more details go to http://webservices.nic.in