Value Added Tax

VAT Computerisation has been implemented in Meghalaya w.e.f. April 2005. The application is a web-based MIS developed in Oracle platform using Oracle 10g database and deployed and published using Oracle 10g Application Server. A centralized database architecture has been adopted for implementation where the application is hosted at NIC Data centre and the unit offices access the application from remote locations. The following functionalities / modules have been implemented:
i. Registration of Dealers
ii. Payment of Challans
iii. Way-Bills Administration
iv. Transit Pass & Transit Documents
v. Declaration Form (C-Forms)


A number of online citizen centric services have been designed, developed and implemented by the department. Some of these services are:
  • Online Payment of Taxes (e-Payment)
  • Online Request for Way-bills (e-Waybills)
  • Online Registration of Dealers (e-Registration)
  • Online Filing of Tax Returns (e-Returns)
  • Online Refund (e-Refund)
  • Online C-Forms (e-CST)
  • Online Verification of C-Forms (e-CST)
  • Online Dealer Profile (e-DealerProfile)
  • Online Dealer Search
  • Online Commodity Search
  • Various MIS Reports