Under the initiative taken by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, National Informatics Center has been assigned the task to computerize the various activities at the District Transport Office. The process of computerization of DTO includes:-

a) Development of common uniform software , and,
b) Providing necessary hardware to run the application.

VAHAN 2.0 is application software which caters to all the requirements for registration of any vehicle. All activities involved in Registration of vehicles (private and commercial) are computerised and the activities covered are :

(i) Calculation of Fees and Tax for private and commercial vehicles
(ii) Vehicle Registration for private and commercial vehicles
(iii) Fitness Test for commercial vehicles (iv) Other vehicle Transactions such Transfer, Conversion, Alteration, etc

SARATHI software has been implemented to issue computerized Learner License, Permanent Driving License, Conductor License and Driving School license to the citizens. The photograph, signature and thumb impression of the applicants are registered/recorded in the System on the spot while obtaining Driving Licence.

Features of the System:
  • The applications have been developed as per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules and Act (CMVR). The Road Tax followed is as per guidelines laid down in the Meghalaya Gazette.
  • Both VAHAN 2.0 and SARATHI are work flow based.
  • The system prevents entry of any erroneous data such as duplicity in chassis number or registration numbers.
  • The system ensures that no Driving License can be issued without the applicant holding a Learner License at the initial stage.
  • The software also ensures that an applicant cannot hold a Transport Licence without holding a Non-Transport License for a minimum period of one year.
  • The software also has features whereby Smart Card (for driving license and Registration) can be issued through it.