Treasury Net

TreasuryNET is a web-enabled application that takes care of all the activities and transaction in the District treasury. It is web-enabled application designed on a 3-tier architecture with PHP on the client-end and DB2 is the back-end RDBMS running on Linux O/S. TreasuryNET works on a distributed system architecture in which the central data storage system is housed on a powerful central server and users can access the server from a number of clients located in various treasuries and sub-treasuries throughout the state. TreasuryNET has been designed on a workflow concept where the data (information) flow from the lower level (Counter) to a higher level (Treasury Officer) which has different roles to access the data. The main objective of the application is to take up the online computerization of the Treasury activities and expedite and transfer of the data received at the Treasury level to the Directorate level in order to supervise and monitor the financial position of the state at the secretariat level. The system is also designed to provide up-to-date Receipt and Expenditure of each department/DDO and also facilitate effective Budget control at the level of Treasuries.


TreasuryNET has been implemented in all District Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries in Meghalaya.