Tracking Missing Children

The Ministry of WCD, Govt of India has been considering for quite some time to implement a "Tracking System for Missing & Vulnerable Children" throughout the nation. Previously, the Ministry initiated a pilot programme "National Portal for Missing & Found Children" and implemented successfully at West Bengal. It was decided to further customize the pilot model to incorporate the tracking system for every child who is living at various “Child Care Institutes” as per the provisions of JJ Act 2000 and rules thereof. National Informatics Centre, the e-governance major of Ministry of C&IT has been entrusted with the job to design, develop and implement the "National Tracking System for Missing & Vulnerable Children" throughout the nation. Accordingly, the software “TrackChild1.0” has been developed by them.

The tracking system has been developed keeping in mind various provisions of JJ Act 2000, its amendments, Rules and Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS). ICPS emphasizes the need of having the following to ensure proper care and protection of the "Child in Distress":

  • Data Management System on Child Protection
  • Mechanism of data sharing
  • Real time tracking of every child in distress

The system provides a networking system amongst the stakeholders like Police, CCIs, CWCs, JJBs, ICPS bodies, PRIs, ULBs and citizens to facilitate tracking of a "Child in distress".


  • To ensure proper care and development of the children of the CCIs
  •  To set up a framework for participating organization involved in the process
  •  To ensure ultimate repatriation and rehabilitation of the missing children
ICPS & Child Tracking System:
  • Data Management System on Child Protection
  •  Mechanism of data sharing
  •  Real time tracking of every child in distress
Components of "TrackChild1.0":
  • Database of institutions related to Child Protection (Police Stations, CCIs, CWOs, SJPUs etc)
  • Database of all CCIs and their infrastructure
  • Database of all CCI Children
  • Matching facilities of “Missing diaries” of Police stations with “Found” children’s database of Police, CCIs etc.
  • Framework of operation
  • Software to update the profiles and progress of overall development of CCI Children
Central State District Sub div Block/Thana Village
  • MHA
  • NCRB
  • CBI
  • MWCD
  • CPSU
  • MoPR
  • Crime Br/ CID
  • SCRB
  • DWCD
  • SPSU
  • SCPC
  • DP&RD
  • DCRB
  • DCPS
  • Child Care Institutes
  • CWC
  • JJB
  • District Administration (DM, SP, ZP)
  • SDO
  • Thana
  • BDO
  • BCPC
  • Panchayat Samiti Pradhan
  • VCPC
  • Gram Pradhan
  • Police
    • Facility to report “Missing/Found” cases online
    • Facility to receive “e-Alerts” from Citizens or Stakeholders
    • Facility to alert other Stakeholders
    • Facility to Search “Missing / Found” Children
    • Facility to use online MIS
  • WCD (Child Care Institutes, CWC, JJB etc)
    • Facility to maintain eFile for every CCI Children
    • Facility to maintain and monitor “Individual Care Plan” for every CCI Children
    • Facility to Track every CCI Children
    • Facility to match “Found” children with “Missing” ones online
Facilities of the System:
  • Databank of all CCIs
  • Databank of “Missing / Found” diaries of Police Stations
  • Profiles of every child in CCIs
  • Workflow automation of CWCs & JJBs
  • Capturing “Case History” into a central data repository
  • Regular updation of “Counselling” information
  • Regular maintenance of Case History, Medical History, Educational / Vocational aptitude of CCI Children
  • Status tracking as per JJ Act 2000 and Rules
  • Bridge Software for “ZIPNET” developed
Features of the system:
  • Integrated virtual space for all stakeholders including 15,000 Police Stations, ICPS bodies (1200 portlets for CCIs, 541 Portlets of CWCs, JJBs, DCPSs etc)
  • Integrated workflow for functionaries
  • Web service based data sharing mechanism for participating organisations who maintain their data separately
  • Data Sharing with PRIs & Administration
  • Data Porting from ZIPNET possible

URL of National Level Portal:
URL State Specific portlet: