Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY)

Online Management, Monitoring and Accounting System has been developed by CDAC, Pune. The technical consultancy, hosting of website, infrastructure and implementation support is being given by NIC. NICSI has been responsible for the timely supply of hardware and software, and trainings through the NICSI Master trainers, one in every NIC state unit. The application handles selection of roads to be taken up for construction from the Core Network which is extracted from the District Rural Road Plan. After the proposal has been scrutinized by the State Technical Agency and cleared by the Ministry, the details of the financial and physical progress on the road is entered by the district implementing units. The quality monitoring is done at 3 levels and reports / comments of the quality monitors are also entered in the application.


Salient Features of OMMAS:
  • Web based : Anytime, Anywhere availability of data : Centralized database
  • Data Entry at origin (District Programme Implementation Unit) : avoid duplicity of effort
  • Work flow enabled : Every manual process has a corresponding module
  • Role based and authenticated data entry : user id and password given to every unit / official doing data entry with access to relevant pages only.
  • Transparency of Operations: except data entry, all other pages are open to citizens.
  • Drillable reports: From National to State to District (to Block) to Package to Road (giving habitation level connectivity status).
  • Offline Module developed for districts having poor internet connectivity which is not being used now since all districts have better connectivity than 7 years back.
  • Effective Decision Support Tool: real time reports : query based outputs : Physical, Financial and Technical parameters help management and monitoring progress and performance.
  • Accounting module built on PMGSY's innovative Fund Flow System for facilitating day-to-day financial monitoring.
  • Monitoring quality assurance by 3 tier monitoring mechanism.
  • Replicable: can be used for roads under any other scheme / funding.
  • Unique identification code for each project, habitation.

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