Computerisation of the North Eastern Council (NEC)

  • The North Eastern Council is the nodal agency for the economic and social development of the North Eastern Region which consists of the eight States of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura.
  • The North Eastern Council was constituted in 1971 by an Act of Parliament.The constitution of the Council has marked the beginning of a new chapter of concerted and planned endeavour for the rapid development of the Region.
  • Over the last thirty five years, NEC has been instrumental in setting in motion a new economic endeavour aimed at removing the basic handicaps that stood in the way of normal development of the region and has ushered in an era of new hope in this backward area full of great potentialities.
  • e-Governance within the NEC Secretariat
  • OASIS(Online Approval and Sanctions Information System)is the first attempt at e-Governance within the NEC Secretariat and it is also supposed to be a Management Information System(MIS) aimed at assisting Sectoral Heads and other stakeholders in gauging the financial performance of NEC schemes and projects.
  • It is a web-enabled software package that has greatly facilitated the online entry of all approvals and sanctions into a database that has been deployed on a server in the NEC Local Area Network(LAN) within the NEC Secretariat premises. The software is a dynamic one whereby the NEC officials or their authorized staff can, by themselves and without replying on NIC personnel update the approvals and sanctions relating to their respective sectors through username/password security mechanism.
  • This software captures plan scheme data from the budget allocation stage with scheme and project details not just budget heads, past data on spillover schemes and administrative approvals, sanctions and releases. Reports can be generated not only DDO or head-wise, but also State-wise, Implementing Agency-wise, Scheme-wise, Project-wise,financial-year-wise or any combinations of these. Some graphical reports have also been incorporated. The scope of OASIS is therefore Budget tracking-Admin, approval generation,Sanction generation, Bill generation and the fund release tracking at the NEC end.