Computersation of Khasi Hill Autonomous District Council

Computerization activities have been taken up with respect to the Executive Department which divided into a number of smaller departments like GAD, Law Department, Revenue, Budget and Finance Dept., etc. During the first phase a number of applications have been developed and implemented in the District council such as (i) Professional Tax Information System for the Taxation wing of KHADC (ii) Payroll System (iii) Trade & Licensing Application Software (iv) Accounting Software for computerising the Account Section Of KHADC.


The Taxation software is used for maintaining and processing of the Professional Tax information of the Taxation wing of KHADC. The Payroll System is being used by the Payroll Section of KHADC for processing of salaries/wages of all the employees of KHADC. The Trade & Licensing Software was developed for the purpose of registration of Non-Tribal Traders within the jurisdiction of the KHADC. The Accounting Software will be used by the Account Section of KHADC to maintain their monthly accounts.