Computerisation of Finance Budget Department

Budget Information System is a client-server application developed and implemented in the Finance (Budget) Department in preparation of the Annual Budget Documents of the State Government. The technology used to design and implement the system is based on a client-server technology running under Window 2003 Server. MS SQL Server 2005 is used as a standard RDBMS for data storage. Seagate Crystal Report 7.0 is used for printing the different reports. All documents related to preparation of the state budget have been computerized. A client-PC running on Windows XP which is connected to the LAN can access the system using VB-6.0 as Front end tool. The computerisation of the Supplement Demand was also designed, developed and implemented in line with the computerisation of the state Budget. The list of all major-minor head of accounts used by the Finance department has been initialized in the system. A user can add/edit or deleted the head of account depending on his choice. Cascading delete has been incorporated in the system. Budget data of previous year (say 2008-09) is used as the base data for preparation of the budget for the next Financial Year (2009-10). Blank Budget Forms have also been computerized and users (departments) can download the forms and use it for submitting the budget proposals to the Finance Department.