Energy Billing System

The Energy Billing System is a workflow based solution customised and implemented for the Meghalaya State Energy Corporation Ltd. (MeECL). The system is a web-enable application used for monitoring the revenue collection of the energy consumed by the consumers. A three tier security feature has been incorporated in the software to make it more versatile and robust. The system is User friendly and GUI based menu driven system which is easy to install, configure and maintain. A three tier security – OS Level, RDBMS Level & Application Form Level have been incorporated in the system. Certain features like timely automatic backup (on hard disk and media), log book maintenance and registering of audit table for important activities are available in the system.


With the implementation of the computerise system, the Consumers enjoys the benefits that the Error-Free Energy bill are distributed on time and the waiting time spent by the consumer in paying the energy bill have been reduced. The Board also has better control on achievement the target and also provides a mechanism to check for habituated defaulters. Current billing information is available at the collection counter. Daily Cash Register is readily available just after the collection counter is close for the day.