Implementation of Meghalaya Employee Database

Employee/Pension database is a record of the legacy data of a government employee/pensioner using data storage technology (Database) to store or add new record (s) or modifying the existing ones which can be retrieved   easily and maintained effectively. The core elements required for building up of this Database are bio-data of the employee, appointment details, family details and most importantly, the salary details. The prerequisites for the database are the legacy data and pay data as per record in the Service Book/Roll which is authenticated by the DDO of the employee. Also the database will contain the information like new appointment/transfer, changes in emoluments or entitlements or promotions, increments, suspension, leave etc.  Customization of the web-base application is in progress, finalisation of the data collection template is completed. The application will be pilot implementation in Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries, Shillong District Treasury and Shillong South Treasury.