Government of India has decided to launch a Central Sector Scheme titled, "Strengthening / Promoting Agricultural Informatics & Communications" of which one component is AGRISNET. The objective of AGRISNET is to provide improved services to the farming community through use of ICT.


G2C services implemented
  • Soil Health Card
  • Market Price Information Portal

Soil Health Card or SHC as it is popularly known is designed with perspectives of soil fertility management with a focus on fertilizer use for crop productivity. The soil health card lists the outcome of tests conducted on a soil sample and provides space to rate the soils of the region after the tests. By maintaining data of the tests a record of soil health may be built thus facilitating the effect of management practices on soil health.


The Meghalaya State Agriculture Marketing Portal (, a web-based Online Market Information System was launched in the 2003. The Web Portal was designed with an objective to provide prompt and reliable market information by linking 110 markets located throughout the state through Internet. Authorized personnel feed the data about price and quantity of arrival of different agricultural and horticultural commodities in different markets thus providing timely information to the farmers, businessmen and consumers.


This portal helps in strengthening the bargaining power and improves the decision making capability of the farmers to market their produce. On the other hand, businessmen and consumers can benefit well from their sales and purchases.